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 Life Skills Yoga

I incorporate the use of meditation, breathing, asana practice, and knowledge of the chakras, as a way of sourcing the Universal Wisdom of the body to assist individuals in exploring and interpreting blocks and resistances which can take place in the form of tight shoulders or lower backs, injuries or illnesses. I also assist in identifying those places in the body which are open to breath and flexible or strong.

As a result of my experience working with clients of all backgrounds and physical conditions, this program helps individuals to discover and learn more about themselves, moving into their emotions/experiences by observing those areas of the body which are resistant vs. those which are flexible. In addition, through such exploration, Yoga can often bring up issues of fear, control, anxiety, impatience, as well as joy, ambition and personal power, among others. Each body is a unique and distinct expression of a person’s life story with many things to say.

Life Skills Yoga techniques, while assisting in discovering the messages the body is sending, through the discomforts, imbalances or diseases, helps to guide the individual toward responding more intuitively, from within, with appropriate shifts in beliefs, attitudes and/or behaviors, identifying those which may no longer serve them, and can lead to greater opportunities for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing.

The classes begin with breathing exercises, moving into movements which can demonstrate levels of resistance vs. flexibility in particular areas of the body. The archetypal knowledge of the Chakras is explored for assisting in interpreting the sensations, at which point the class moves into exploratory exercises which can assist each individual in uncovering their own intuitive connection and personal story. The intention of the class is to move into greater awareness and intuitive communication with the body, building a relationship of unconditional loving, trust and acceptance to assist in healing of the body, mind and spirit. A meditation concludes each class, grounding individuals in the experience.

Gentle Yoga Classes

For those with limitations due to lack of physical activity, injury, illness, disease or aging, I teach a very gentle class which can take place on a chair, on the floor, or even in a bed. I tailor each class to the needs and abilities of the individual, adjusting and modifying movements as needed. The primary focus of the class is on breath and the sensations the breath creates in the body, and time is taken at the beginning of each class to bring the breath to a full and relaxing rhythm. The simple and gentle movements are then mindfully applied and linked to the rhythm of this breath for a full range of sensation and deep experience.

Depending on each person’s capacity, these movements can vary from full range of motion, to very minimal movements. Additionally, as it has been concluded through research that the body will respond to visualizations as effectively as if true movements were taking place, and that the body does not distinguish physical-world reality from imagination.

**Some of the benefits reported by my clients over the years, and which I consider to be the natural “side-effects” of a regular Yoga practice are:

  • Decrease in pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia.
  • Fewer symptoms resulting from treatments of cancer such as nausea, hair loss, numbing of feet/hand, lymphedema.
  • Increased balance and reversal of symptoms from arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, hypertension, among other stress-related conditions.
  • Increased strength flexibility, mobility, wound healing from surgeries or injuries, focus, concentration.
  • Increased observation of self in the making of better/healthier choices in life style relating to jobs, relationships, food, and exercise.
  • Greater senses of well-being, peace, joy, and self-acceptance of self and others.

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