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About Me

Personal Practice

The foundation of my yogic practice has been focused on the Iyengar  tradition, which emphasizes breath and alignment as the principal aspects. This practice is at the core of my Life Skills Yoga program that I have developed for clients. The processes contained in the program offer a pathway for anyone to access their own personal and individual healing.

In the years that have followed, I have continued to evolve and expand.  In 2006, I began a powerful and dedicated Kundalini Yoga practice.  The experiences from this practice have deepened my understanding and awareness of myself, have provided me with concrete tools which allow me to access and explore the power of my mind, have created shifts in my energy, heightened my intuitive capacity and connected me more fully to my body.  The opportunities have led me to experience life more openly, authentically and with greater joy, compassion, and acceptance for myself and others.

It is from these profoundly life-changing experiences that led me to request a spiritual name, which I humbly accept and wear as my own.  I am honored to have received the name Raminderpreet Kaur which, when translated, means “filled with God’s beloved, divine consciousness”.

When I first received the name it felt very big, almost too big, and slightly uncomfortable.  At this time, a lovely person let me know that the best way to learn to wear a new Spiritual name was to see that definition in everyone to whom I introduce myself.  Slowly over time, I was able to integrate this name as my own as I also recognize that everyone I meet is a reflection of myself and who I am, for better or for worse.

In addition to Kundalini, and for kicks, I introduced myself to a Chinese Yoga practice known as Pa’Kua.  I fell in love with the grace and beauty of this practice, accessing aspects of myself that connected me with my dance background.  Interestingly enough, and much different from it’s Indian counterparts, it has a belt system which delineates one’s mastery in the form.  Mastery is individualized and not based on comparison to anyone else’s ability.  In the time I have been practicing, I have moved from white, to yellow, orange, green, grey and blue belts to date with red and black remaining.  Nonetheless, as I was informed, true  mastery begins only after the black belt has been acquired.

Academic Studies

I began my studies in 1996, first as a Dance Major at Santa Monica College, where I earned an AA degree as well as a $200 scholarship award. I transferred to UCLA World Arts and Cultures/Dance Dept. in 1998 which is where I first discovered my passion for Yoga and became committed to exploring the therapeutic qualities it offers.

Upon graduating with a BA in 2000, I immediately began my Yoga Teacher training at Yoga Works under the direction of Maty Ezraty and Lisa Wolford.

Upon completing the program, Urban Yogini was born and I began teaching Gentle Yoga classes at studios around the city. I continued participating in advanced training workshops emphasizing the therapeutic applications of Yoga and breath. I also studied various chair Yoga techniques. These techniques allowed me to begin working with seniors at assisted living centers, and private clients with limited mobility issues.

After several years of practicing and teaching, I desired a more comprehensive knowledge of the mind, recognizing the strong connection between the yoga practice and mental/emotional well-being. I began my graduate studies in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, where I earned my Master’s Degree in 2005.

These studies provided a strong foundation from which to create Life Skills Yoga, a process by which the intersection of both mind and body can be explored through a variety of meditation techniques, breath, and mindfulness to both mental habits as well as physical discomforts, illness or injury.


After witnessing the benefits of Yoga and Meditation among cancer patients at hospitals and wellness centers, I learned of an internship program offered by the Simonton Cancer Center located in Malibu, CA. The center is dedicated to “improving the health and lives of cancer patients…through psycho-social oncology” based on 40 years of research which recognizes the importance of family support and personal empowerment in the healing process. Having participated in two training intensives, I will earn my certificate as a Simonton Counseling Therapist after completing the third and final session.


Below are the locations where I am either currently teaching, or where I have taught in the past:

City of Hope, Duarte, CA
Glendale Adventist Wellness Center, Eagle Rock, CA
White Memorial Hospital, Cecilia Gonzalez de la Hoya Cancer Center, Los Angeles
Hancock Park Elementary School, Los Angeles
WeSpark Cancer Support Center, Sherman Oaks
St. Vincent Medical Center’s Center for Health & Healing, Los Angeles
Olive View/UCLA, Sylmar, CA
USC School of Health & Sciences, Los Angeles
Belmont Assisted Living Center, Sherman Oaks
Country Villa Assisted Living Center, Los Angeles
Ocean House Assisted Living Center, Santa Monica
Yoga Time, Beverly Hills
GODA Yoga, Culver City
Concentic Studios, San Fernando
Beyond Physical Therapy, Marina del Rey
Bally’s, Hollywood,
LA Fitness, Los Angeles
Infusion Yoga, Los Angeles
…and numerous private clients

I am fully bilingual, English/Spanish and available to teach classes in either, or both languages concurrently.