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The core of every fruit is better than its rind;

Consider the body to be the rind, And it’s friend the spirit, to be the core.

After all, the Human Being has a precious core;

Seek it, inspired by the Divine breath – RUMI

Welcome to Urban Yogini.

I’d like to start by sharing a little bit about myself. I first discovered Yoga in 1998. From the very first class I took at UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures Dept., I became very curious and inspired by it’s therapeutic qualities. Over the years, this curiosity has led me to explore how this practice provides access to mind/body connections and it’s link to the breath.

My own personal practice, academic studies, internships, and work with clients, are fluid and have continued to evolve over the years. I feel I have gained powerful experiences, knowledge, and insight, which have proven beneficial to me both as a human being and as a therapist.

Being of Hispanic descent and fully bilingual, English/Spanish, I have had the pleasure of providing my services to the under served Spanish speaking populations throughout the greater L.A. area.

I have had the privilege to share my love of Yoga in a variety of settings, though it is my work with cancer patients which stands out for me as the greatest opportunity for learning of Yoga’s healing benefits.

After years of working with clients, listening closely to what works, what doesn’t work, I developed my Life Skills Yoga program as a process to awaken and integrate the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our Selves where wellness always resides.

It is this work that has led to my continued curiosity to understand more deeply the precise physiologic changes that occur during a mindful practice and, which in turn, helps to influence our overall health and well-being.  My latest project began in 2011.  I set out to interview the scientists, researchers, physicians who have been investigating the specific changes which occur in the brain during Yoga and Meditation, the ways these changes influence the various systems of the body, and how they directly affect both our physical and emotional balance and health.

Having digitally recorded these interviews and compiled them into a documentary, I am currently offering viewings of this documentary in a workshop format and presenting in Yoga studios, health care centers, and anywhere there are people who are as curious as I have been.

I have been fortunate in my life to do what brings me joy, fulfillment and satisfaction and am eager to share with you the information, and the processes, which can empower anyone to discover the path to health and well-being.

Thank you for visiting my website.


Elisa Dias, MA, IAYT, YA E-RYT-200

(aka Raminderpreet Kaur)